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News Charlie Trotter's Funeral Draws The Cream Of The Culinary World
The scene at Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Avenue Monday morning was a tableau of mourning black and chef’s whites. Friends, family and luminaries of the food world gathered to pay tribute to the late chef Charlie Trotter who died last week. Mayor Rahm Emanuel took the podium to note that he and Trotter had a lot in common. “We both graduated from New Trier High School the same year … Read News

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News Trans Fats: The Latest Misstep In Modern Nutrition
A brief history of nutritional fallacies and how to fix the food supply for good. … Read News

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News Why Aren't More Women Among 'The Gods Of Food'?
Where are the women in restaurants? Unlike the teeming images of women in food from television visuals or glossy food magazines, the reality is that the culinary field still has very few women running kitchens as executive chefs and dismally fewer leading as restaurateurs. Female leadership is growing—but still far, abysmally far, from holding up half the sky. One would think, given the … Read News